About me!

My name is Tin Carbon.
I live at 514 Periodic Lane, Barboursville, West Virginia.
I've been around since before baby Jesus times.
I'm a metal, among many many others.
My family name is Carbon. We are number fourteen of
eighteen periodic groups. A few of my other family members
are Carbon, Silicon, Germanium, myself, Lead, and Ununquadium.
We are malleable, ductile, and highly crystalline silvery white
metal. I'm also rather brittle when I'm cooled, and I'm said to
cry when I'm being bent, due to the twinning of meh crystals.
I haaave fifty protons, fifty electrons, and sixty nine neutrons. My
valence electron number is four, seeing as I'm in group fourteeeen.

Covalent bonds are formed when atoms share one or more pairs of electrons.
This process happens between nonmetal atoms, unlike myself. In this process

electrons are not sent from one atom to another, they're definitely shared
by both of the atoms. Valence electrons, (obviously), are the main basis for

covalent bonding, or any other bonding for that matter. Another thing is metallic
bonding. It's between metals and metals, i.e., me. They line up and jump from

one to the other. Ionic bonds are a type of chemical bond that forms between
metals and nonmetals. In short, it's a bond formed by the attraction between
two oppositely charged ions. Myself and myself form a a metallic bond. You
scould say that myself and, I guess, another member of my family, or say,
two or three members of someone else's, like, maybe me, a Lithium atom,
and an Aluminum atom or something of that nature. That would also work,
but might not necessarily a covalent bond. Basically, that's the bonding process.

^^^ That's me, bonding with myself. :D

Guys. Bond with me.
Listen. I'm Tin. If you're like, Germanium or Sodium or Calcium..
or anything that will correctly and metallicly or ionicly bond with
me, then. Heck, I'm up for it. Let's just bond, okay. Get it over
with. There, I've said my part. Now it's your turn. Join me.

Join here!!!?! <3