First Name; sodium
Last Name; alkaline
Address; 31 element way Chickasaw,Atlanada
Date of Birth; around 1807
Gender; metal
Family Background; i am highly reactive. (: ♥
i am never found in any element of nature
i am stored under mineral water when i am in a lab!
i have a low melting point and low densities.
i am silver colored.
react readily to form ionic salts.

i have exactly 11 protons, and there for i have eleven electrons to.
i also have 12 neutrons.


the people i can bond with are in group seven
and these people are Fluorine,chlorine,bromine,iodine, and last but not least Astatine. !! (:

Covalent Bonding - a covalent bond is the sharing of the pairs of electrons
between atoms. but i am sodium. i do not make a covalent bond.

ionic bonding is a type of chemical bond that can usually
form between metals and non metal ions through
electrostatic attractions. To make it short it is a bond formed by
two very oppositely charged ions. Metal donates one or more electrons
which form a positive charged ion or cation.
It also has stable electron configurations.
these then enter the non metal causing it to form a negatively
charged ion or maybe even a cation.
this also has a stable electron configuration.

a metallic bond is collective in nature and does not have a single "metallic bond."

yeah lets bond! comee talk to (:
woot woot. sodium loves bonding .