Element Information
Carbon, Carbon
214 hutchway
sep. 4 1789
The Cabon Family Consists of five elements That make up group 14 on the periodic table carbon, silicon, germanium, tin, and lead. The family is particularly interesting because it consists of one nommetal (carbon), two metals (tin, lead), and two metalliods (silicon, and germanium).
6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, 6 Electrons, and 4 Valance Electrons

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Covalent Bonding
- A convalent bon is a form of chemical bonding that is characterized by the sharing pairs of electrons between atoms. Attraction-to-repulsion stability that forms between atom when they share electrons is known as convalent bonding. Convalent bonding includes many kinds of interaction
Bond - Sigma bonding
Bond - Pi bonding is when there is double bond in between to Elements
Bond - Quadruple bonds
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