Beryllium Alkaline - Earth is my name!
22 Hale Street, Jasperville CN, 1876 is where I live.
1763 is when i was born.
My family consists of Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium, and Radiera. We are all metals named Alkaline Earth Metals . We are all shiny and silvery in color.
I have 4 Protons, 5 Neutrons, and 4 Electrons. I also have 2 Valance Electrons!
Covalent Bonding -
I cannot bond because I am a metal. Covalent Bonding is one of the four bondings elements can experiance. Elements have electrons, and they all want eight electrons in their outer shell. If they do not have eight, then they are not happy, and look for someone to bond with who has a different number of electrons. To bond these elements, the electrons look for holes in the other electron. The staps of Covalent bonding are: Write the symbol, fill in valenca electrons, Find the holes, Draw the arrows to fill the holes, Rewrite the symbol with the bond and lone pairs. They share the electrons that each one needs.

Ionic Bonding - Ionic bonds are formed by the attraction between two oppositly charged ions. Metals donate one or more electrons that form anions or cations. Anions are negativly charged while cations are positively charged. I ,however, can make this bond with elements such as Magnesium.

Metallic Bonding - Electromagnetic attractions between cations and anions make this bond. Only a few metals can make it. I can make this bond with elements such as copper.


Polyatomic- Chemicals which atoms fill the octet with electrons by using both covalent and ionic bonding is called polyatomic bonding. I can make this bond with elements such as Nitrogen.

Friends, Please Join Me!
I can make Polyatomic, Metallic, and Ionic bonds! Friends such as Nitrogen, Magnesium, and Copper could bond with me.

I Want to Join
I cannot bond covalently, but I can bond ionicly, metallicly and polyatomically!