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Arsenic Nitrogen
515 Solsbury Hill,
Bristol, England

January 9 1250
Family History:
Name: Nitrogen
Kin: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Antimony, Bismuth
Characteristics: brittle, crystalline, different in apperence, not as reactive, metallic character, difers where found (most found in Earth's crust).
protons: 33
electrons: 33
nuetrons: 42
valence electrons: 5
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Covalent Bonding-
Covalent bonds are formed:
  • When atoms share one or more pairs of electrons
  • Between non-metal atoms
  • Electrons are not sent from one atom to another
  • They are shared by both atoms
Covalent bonds are made by a non-metal with a non-metal.
The two types of covalent bonds are: polar and non-polar.
shares equally
occur when electrons are equally attracted to the positive nucleus of each atom
occur when you bond two of the same atoms together (Br Br)
doesn't share easily
occur when the shared electrons are attracted to the nucleus of one atom more than the other
occur when two different atoms share electrons (C Cl)
I CAN make a covalent bond. :"]

ionic bond is between a non-metal and a non-metal
If atom gains electrons then it's negative, If atom loses electrons it's positive.
negative= anion (nonmetal) positive= cation (metal)
I CANNOT make an ionic bond.
metallic bonding:
metallic bond is metal to metal
formed by the attraction between positively charged ions and the electrons around them
electrons move freely between metal atoms
I CANNOT make a metallic bond.

Friends, Please Join Me!
Anyone who wants to be my friend can be. Cause arsenic is a very nice element. :"]
But perferably, another arsenic, or a non-metal or a black sheep metalloid like me. :"]
I Want to Join