Lewis Structure

Element Information:
You can call me:Aluminum Boron I rest my head at:313 rockford street detroit,mi 48201 USA I was found:1825My Gender would be:metalI am a cation because I am a positively charged ion. Family Background: My family is the Boron family. We all have 3 valence electrons. There is Boron,Gallium,Indium,and Thallium. Family Characteristics: Soft,silvery-white,metal,some nonmetalic,usually reactive.13 Protons, 13 Electrons,14 Neutrons, and 3 Valence Electrons
Covalent Bonding - Covalent bonds are when one or more pairs of electrons are shared by atoms. They aren't given to the other and taken from one, bu shared by both. The only elements able to form this bond are nonmetals with other nonmetals. This means that I am unable to make covalent bonds because I am a metal. Ionic Bonding - An ionic bond is an attraction between the opposite charges of one ion. This is formed when an atom gives up electrons to another atom. One atom because a negatively charged anion, while the other becomes a positively charged cation. It is formed by a metal and a nonmetal,since they are opposites. I can form this bond with nonmetals because I am a metal. [: Metallic Bonding - A metallic bond is the electromagnetic interaction between conduction electrons and metallic nuclei in metals. This bond is formed only by metals with other metals. Nonmetals are unable to form this bond. I can form this bond with other metals though. [; Friends!! - I can make Ionic bonds with any of you nonmetals out there I can make Metallic bonds with all metals [:I cannot make Covalent bonds ):