Name:Aluminum Boron
Address:113 Buck Avenue
Gatlinburg, Tennessee 35741
Date of Birth:August 10, 1808
Gender: Metal
Since I am a positively charged ion, I am known as a cation.

Family Background:
I come from the boron family. All of the members in my family have 3 valence electrons. My family includes Boron, Gallium, Indium, and Thallium.

Family Characteristics:

Number of Protons: 13

Number of Electrons: 13
Number of Neutrons: 14
Number of valence electrons: 3
My family is made up of some metals, and some non-metals. We are a soft, silvery-white color, and we are usually reactive.



Covalent Bonding -covalent bonds occur only betweeen non metals. Threre are two types of covalent bonds. When the electronegativities are similar, but not equal, then the bond is polar, and when the electronegativites of the two atoms in the bond are exactly equal or very close to equal, then the bond is non-polar. The only types of elements that can form this bond are non-metals with other non-metals. Since I am a metal, I cannot form this type of bond.

Ionic bond - Ionic bonds occur between metals and non-metals. In an Ionic bond the elements transfer electrons from one to another. this bond happens when one loses it's electrons and the other gains them. Since I am a metal, I can form this type of bond.

Metallic bond -This bond is formed only by metals, meaning that nonmetals can't form this bond with me. A metallic bond is a bond formed by the attraction of charge

Pain - Three Days Graced metal ions and the electrons around them. I can form this bond with other Aluminums.

I can form Ionic bonds with non metals.
Sorry guys but I can't make Covalent bonds.
I can make metallic bonds with any type of metals.